Joy Ride

by Joy's Team

Some say there are monsters underneath their beds. Mine are above and around me, predatory and persistent in the chase. My will, however, is fortified and my wheelchair is equipped with weaponry and all that I need to succeed in my personal journey over land and water and up to the mountaintop.

I, too, am persistent to wheel forward in spite of changes that shock and awe. Change, after all, is the one variable that is constant. Life’s delight may turn topsy-turvy in one breath. I remind myself to breath so that I might ultimately reach heights hitherto unknown and find joy in the ride.

Controls: Arrow Keys: Movement Space Bar: Shoot Rockets X: Restart Game

We used: Impact.js to develop a HTML5 game

Tools: Various text editors

Platform: Browser

Developers: Johnathan Chu, Romel Dris, Jay Huang, Olivia Zhang,

Artists: Paolo Alvarez, Kevin Odulio, Mark Rito

Story: JenJen Francis

Comments ( 5 )

Unknown said: Simple, accessible, and fun - your game is groovy! I love the art as well, especially those wee dragons. :> over 2 years ago
Unknown said: Great game! Nicely balanced, not too easy, not too hard. over 2 years ago
Unknown said: Nice! First playthrough I failed horribly as I did not anticipate the boost meter to plunge so fast after missing a couple of lightning pickups. Second time I was more conservative, but my score suffered. Pretty well balanced if I may say. over 2 years ago
Unknown said: It appears this site has changed since we uploaded.The game is playable here: The game may also be downloaded and ran on a local web server. over 2 years ago
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